Hello Friends,

we are organised small betting group for you. Which you can participate there and win paytm cash. So see how to bet in that group here.


1. first of all  To join the ludo bing betting group click the below link


2. Now Download Ludo Bing Game From Here

3. Now you can participate in our Ludo Bing Betting Group


Group Rule

1. After Downloading ludo bing you need to ​sign up using through fb login/guest entry.​


2. Then you’re all set up to play ludo bing.


3. 1st you’ve to ​pay the advance on paytm to admin​ then give screenshot to admin he’ll check it & ll update ur name & advance amount in the ​”ludo bing advance list”​


4. The ​minimum bet for a game is Rs.30/-​ , you can play as big as ur opponent agrees.


5. You’re allowed to play only when ​admin done ur bet.​


6. If you’re betting ​Rs.30/-​ on a game then u r gonna get ​Rs.60/- (double)​


7. As of now we’re ​not charging or taking any commission.​


8. If you quit the table after playing ​1 to 2 rounds​ or for any type of network error you’ll get no refund. Your opponent will get the money.


9. If in ​starting of game without playing one round​ due to technical issues ur game ends up then only admin can refund your money.


10. or the safety of ur money & to ​avoid the fear of ripping deal via admin only.


​Admin is not responsible if u don’t deal via admin & get ripped.​


There’re 3 to 4 admins in group, if you have any doubt u can go by inbox.

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  1. https://chat.whatsapp.com/CBO8Qtf28HEAn3rYJ5NGoq

    Ludo Star Money Betting Group (Only Geunuine Players)

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  3. Ravi Singh says:

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  4. Robin gupta says:

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    • Hi Robin Gupta..the group link is not working..i mean seems the group gone deleted? do you suggest anymore ludo groups for paytm?

  5. LudoKing Betting Players Only Geniune Players With Paytm Only

    Play Ludo King for real PayTM Cash. Join group https://chat.whatsapp.com/2GkPqAxRPxl3FNzsAR87gB

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