Paytm Offer: Use Paytm Without Internet (Check Balance, Send Money and Do Recharge Offline)

Hello friends, Paytm has Launched there new feature to use Paytm Without Internet. Now you can Send Money, Check Paytm Wallet Balance, Do your Previous Recharge easily without any Internet connection. You just have to Call a Toll Free Number.

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How to Use Paytm Without Internet

  1. Firstly Call on This Number – 180018001234 from you Registered Paytm Number.
  2. Great Now you will Listen that “Paytm Kro !!” After that Computer will Speak you have to Set Pin to Use your Paytm Wallet without Internet. And your Call will disconnect.
  3. Now you will receive call from Paytm in next 5 to 10 seconds.
  4. Now first Choose your Language and After that they will ask you to Set your 4 Digit Pin Code.
  5. Enter any Random Pin which you can remember.
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  7. Now you have Successfully Registered to Use Paytm Offline.
  8. Again Dial the above number. Now First you will Listen your Paytm Wallet Balance. And then the First Option is to Send Paytm Money to Other Paytm Users and 2nd Option is of to again do your Previous Mobile Recharge.
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