Step to Unblock Your Blocked Paytm Account (100% Working)

Reason why Paytm Block your account ?

  • Because you use multiple paytm accounts from same mobile.
  • Making daily new account on paytm using same mobile or same internet connection.
  • You do something wrong and someone complaint about your wrong thing to paytm.

Steps to Unblock Blocked Paytm Account

  1. Goto gmail and send a mail to paytm customer care on from your register email-id
  2. In mail mention your name, register mobile number and also send your any proof photo (Aadhar card or Voter card or driving Licence etc.) (Your name should be clearly visible on proof photo)
  3. In mail mention all of your paytm account by register mobile number and ask them you use multiple paytm account because you have one mobile in family and your family members want to use paytm separately.
  4. (Attach proof like aadhar card or voter card of your’s and your family members so they can believe and unblock your paytm account quickly )
  5. In mail just mention that your paytm password was copied from your computer and Login OTP was taken from you by fraud.Today you try to login and getting error about account blocked.
  6. You will get reply from paytm within 3 days about unblock your paytm account with warning.
  7. Now do not use multiple accounts or do anything wrong otherwise your account will be blocked for lifetime.


  • Paytm will unblock your account only if its looking like your account is genius and you are not doing fraud or anything wrong.
  • If you use multiple account then just say multiple account was used by multiple people, not by a single person.
  • If none of method work for you then just make new account.

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