(Update) WA Prime 1.2.1 Whatsapp Mod With Video Call, Group Invite Links And More Awesome Features

Hello friends, WA Primeis an alternative version of the WhatsApp and is based on the latest version of the application of WhatsApp 2.16.212, Design by King Khan and supports all Android devices in addition to other features which are listed below.

Enjoy Most of The Hidden Features

Exclusive Features

πŸ‘‰ Video Calls
πŸ‘‰ Group Invite Links
πŸ‘‰ Share Data with Facebook
πŸ‘‰ Two Factor Auth.
πŸ‘‰ Doodle Enabled
πŸ‘‰ MultiCast (Send Single picture to multiple chats with one touch)

πŸ”·πŸ”Ά Change Log πŸ”·πŸ”Ά
βœ” Base Undated to 2.16.212
βœ” Removed Privacy due to crash
βœ” All Hidden Features Unlocked
Video Call , Group Links , FB Data , Doodle & Multi Cast.
βœ” Fixed the issues with the conversation entry & replies option
βœ” *Documents MB Limit Modified to match with iOS (128MBs)
βœ” Fixed things under the hood

πŸ”ΆπŸ”· Features πŸ”ΆπŸ”·
βœ” Anti Ban
βœ” Phone and status moved to its original location.
βœ” Extra Mute Conversation Options (1 hrs, 8 hrs , 1 day , 1 week , 1 year , Forever )
βœ” Extended Media Caption To 4,000 Words!
βœ” Extended Media Share Limit From 10 to 300!
βœ” Extended Status Limit From 139 to 256!
βœ” Extended Image Quality from 80 to 100 (no compression)
βœ” Extended Video and Media Limit to 72 MB! (39.95 MB Verified)
βœ” Extended 10 default statuses to 15 cool one!
βœ” Centralized All Title Cards.
βœ” Materialized Home Style , Conversation Entry , And Ticks.
βœ” Materialized Contact Info Page.

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βœ” Added Ripple Effect For 5.0+ Devices.
βœ” Added Animation for Theme.Prefs Activities
βœ” Materialized UI PNGs
βœ” Material Emojis (One Emojis)
βœ” Material Teal 500
βœ” Solid Background Colors changed to Material Colors.
βœ” Disabled Background APK Downloading.
βœ” Removed Memory DUMP & Suspended Unnecessary Activities.
βœ” Disabled In App Updater Checker.
βœ” App Size Reduced To 15MB for Saving The Bandwidth.
βœ” Telegram Links Unlocked
βœ” Disabled Name , Date And Time while Copying Multiple Messages.
βœ”Disabled Heads-Up Notification For All Android Versions.
βœ” Disabled Proximity Sensor while Playing Voice Messages.
βœ” Added Profile Picture Zoom Option (similar to iiOS

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βœ” Added Option To Save and Restore App Data (like titanium backup)
βœ” Added Ability to copy other’s status.
βœ” Removed The Call Icon To Reduce Accidentally Calls.

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πŸ”ΆπŸ”· FAQs πŸ”·πŸ”Ά
1. How can I generate a Group Invitation Link?

A. Click Here to Answer

2. How can I use Share Facebook Data?
A: To enable it , go to Setting > Account > Share Data with Facebook.

3. I am unable to make a full app backup?
A: Sometimes WhatsApp Fails to gain access on SD Card , its happens likely because of this , If you still face error , check your memory and reboot.

4. I can’t hide my blue ticks?
A: As I mention earlier , it is experimental – make sure you do a complete new installation.

5. How to Install & Verify?
A: Just Normally. Thanks To Kuldip.

6: Where doodle? I can’t see it?
A: Open Any Chat > Camera Icon (from conversation entry) > Choose/Click any Image.
Use the pencil button to edit.

πŸ”· Downlaod LinkπŸ”Ά

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